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Computer Training

Computers have become a big part of our lives. We use them daily to write letters to friends, save recipes, check the daily weather, etc.

Whether you are just learning how to turn a computer on, creating a spreadsheet, developing your own web page, or trying to learn some computer skills for a future job, the Triangle Help Center has training options for you.

We offer personal training or group sessions to fit your needs. Contact us so we will know what types of classes you are interested in. We will let you know when the next class will be available.

Topics of classes include:

  • Microsoft Access, Word, Publisher, and Excel
  • Web design using Dreamweaver CS6, Bootstrap, etc
  • Java, javascript, and python programming
  • Unix / Linux Programming
  • Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL DBA training
  • Hardware Desktop Support

Feel free to contact us to get information on a class that you would like to take.


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